The Best Thin Bezel Monitors of 2017

Monitors are an essential part of a computer without which we cannot use computer to the fullest. There was a time when these monitors used to be large and heavy. But with the passage of time and advancement of technology, these have become sleek and light now. Nowadays, we see a variety of modernism not only in the design but also in the visual quality. Buying a good monitor has become one of the most difficult decisions. A good monitor increases the usability of the computer.

Different types of display technologies are widely used by the manufacturers. Liquid Crystal Display and Light Emitting Diode are the most famous display technologies. Keeping all the benefits of monitors in mind, following ips monitor review can be categorized as the best monitors of 2017.

1-Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ
Dell is one of the most renowned brands in the field of computers. The company has recently launched an ultra thin monitor which can be called as bezel less monitor. It has 24-inch Full HD display with 1920X1080 pixel resolution. It has the widest viewing angle than all other monitors. The company has loaded it with modern technology and it supports wireless mobile charging stand. Its IPS panel gives unique color combination and makes it one of the best monitors of present day. The stand is also adjustable according to the requirements of the users.

Asus occupies a respectable place in the world of computers in manufacturing mother boards and monitors. This latest monitor from the company has really stood test of time. It has ultra thin bezels of 0.8mm and no other monitor can compete with it in this regard. It has a display size of 27-inches which can fulfill the needs of any one. The resolution is also 4K with 2560X1440pixels. One of the most attractive features of the monitor is the availability on many ports for various connections.

3-LG 24MP88HV-S
LG has also earned a good name in the field of crystal clear displays. Although this monitor by the company has not enough users, yet it is one of the thinnest monitors available at an affordable price. It has about 2.5mm thin bezels with an awesome look. The monitor is loaded with many latest and user friendly functions and can satisfy any user.

4-ViewSonic VX2376-SMHD
This 23-inch monitor from ViewSonic is famous for giving quality experience to the user. This monitor is even more affordable than LG’s monitor. It also has very thin bezels with frameless design. It also has a resolution of 1080X1920 pixels and is an ideal monitor for dual displays. It also offers vast connectivity options.

5-DELL Gaming S2716-DG
Another quality monitor from Dell that has made a mark in 2017 is Dell gaming. This monitor has got a lot of fame due to its Ultra High Definition 27-inch display with 2560X1440 pixels resolution. The monitor beats all the others in response time of just 1 millisecond. It is also equipped with sound profile to give the user an ultimate experience.